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The Allen Group

lundi 21 février 2005, par Collecte CND R.L

This study evaluates in detail the economic impact of a true broadband network throughout a major urban centre in Australia.

Specifically the study examines the impact on the host region, which in this case is the Brisbane and Moreton statistical divisions, as well as for the State of Queensland at large.

It also examines the impact for industries within the State.

A true broadband network is a broadband infrastructure capable of supporting at a minimum video, voice and data services and applications simultaneously over a single physical infrastructure.

True broadband delivers symmetric services at speeds greater than 10 Mbps.

The analysis factors in a network cost of approximately $850 million over a fouryear construction period.

This includes backbone infrastructure costs as well as the hardware, software and installation costs of delivering fibre-to-the-home connectivity.

It is foreshadowed that the development and use of a true broadband network would involve four broad direct impacts including :

- an expansion of the communications activity in the region as the new business is developed and provides services (buying and selling inputs, employing staff etc) ;

- enhancing competition in telecommunications - in a range of areas, but especially in Internet Service Provision ;

- opening up scope for productivity gains that are apparent from the use of broadband technologies in business ; and

- competitive gains for key industries that are particularly dependent upon affordable broadband Internet access.

The thrust of the study was to estimate these impacts and assess their value as they work their way through complex, interconnected economies in the region and the State at large.

The magnitude and timing of the impacts were found to vary according to the level of competition that will accompany its construction, takeup and use.

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