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Guide to Intellectual Property Rights and Other Legal Issues

Naomi Korn

mercredi 12 juillet 2006, par anass

Rights issues are prevalent within pretty much anything to do with digital content, from its formation, reproduction, adaptation, negotiation, dissemination and repackaging. In order to limit risks of infringement and take advantage of the benefits that the digital environment presents, it is essential that museums, libraries and archives familiarize themselves with copyright and other issues, as well as train staff in good practice procedures. Minerva publishes the draft of the Guide to Intellectual Property Rights and Other Legal Issues.

Table des matières

1. Overview and key issues


Rights and the digital environment The digitisation life-cycle How to use this guide

2. Copyright and other types of Intellectual Property Rights

Context and background. What is copyright ? Ownership of copyright. Originality. Duration. Moral Rights. What can legally be done with a work ? Checklist for determining copyright protection. Other types of Intellectual Property Rights.

3. Why is Copyright Important ?

Legal responsibilities. Duty of care. Financial implications.

4. Other Legal Issues

Legal landscape. Right to privacy. Freedom of expression. Data Protection. Obscenity and Indecency ; Personality rights ; Freedom of Information ;

5. Step by Step Guide to Clearing and Managing Digital Rights

6. Rights Clearance

Documentation and raising staff awareness ; Legal requirements ; Project planning ; Rights audit ; Context of use ; Locating rights holders ;

Source :Minerva.Novembre 2005. Auteur :Naomi Korn

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