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WSIS Thematic Meeting on "Measuring the Information Society" Geneva, 7 - 9 February 2005 : FINAL CONCLUSIONS

World Bank, ESCWA

jeudi 24 mars 2005, par Collecte CND R.L

The WSIS Thematic Meeting "Measuring the Information Society”, organized by members of the Partnership on Measuring ICT for Development, which includes the ITU, OECD, UNCTAD, UNESCO Institute for Statistics, UN Regional Commissions (ECA, ECLAC, ESCAP, ESCWA), the UN ICT Task Force and the World Bank, took place in Geneva, Palais des Nations, from 7 to 9 February 2005. The meeting was chaired by Ms. Heli Jeskanen-Sundström, Director General of Statistics Finland.

Vice chair cum rapporteur was Mr. Fred Gault, Director, Science, Innovation and Electronic Information Division of Statistics Canada.

2. The meeting addressed the subject of the statistical measurement of the information society, including a core list of ICT indicators that could be harmonized at the international level and that all countries might consider collecting ; the needs of national statistical offices (NSOs) in developing countries as regards technical assistance in the compilation of ICT indicators ; and mechanisms to measure impact and to quantify the relevance and contribution of ICT towards improving development and achieving the MDGs.

3. The meeting was attended by 270 delegates from 85 United Nations member countries, intergovernmental organizations, NGOs and civil society. Participants were from National Statistical Offices, Telecommunication Regulatory Agencies and Ministries, and Ministries related to information society activities.

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