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CARL E-Learning Working Group

vendredi 16 février 2007, par anass

Library resources and services are integral to academia as a primary knowledge resource for both research and teaching. As new and better information technologies have emerged, libraries have been early adopters of new information systems and services and have become institutional access points for digital knowledge resources such as online journals and special media collections. Not surprisingly, as faculty and instructors have begun to adopt e ]learning strategies as a part of their teaching repertoire, libraries have played a key role, helping to find and organize resources to complement programs and courses making use of e ]learning, and to provide support as students work their way through their assignments.

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Executive Summary


Libraries and E-Content

The Value of Library E-Content

Access to Government Information

Reciprocal Borrowing

Interlibrary Loans

Software Development and Library Portals

Institutional Repositories

Digitization Projects

Libraries and E-Learning Technologies

Librarians as Partners in Teaching and Learning

Exemplary Practices in Library Teaching and Learning

Learning Object Repositories and Rights Management

Learning Object Repositories

Libraries and Learning Object Repositories

Rights Management

Libraries and Rights Management


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