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The popularity and importance of search engines

Graham Mudd

mercredi 30 mai 2007, par anass

The use of search engines is a top online activity and Americans increasingly feel they get the information they want when they perform search queries On the probable eve of Google’s initial public offering, new surveys and traffic data confirm that search engines have become an essential and popular way for people to find information online.

• 84% of online Americans have used search engines – that translates into more than 107 million people. On any given day online, more than half those using the Internet use search engines. And more than two-thirds of Internet users say they use search engines at least a couple of times per week.

• The use of search engines usually ranks only second to email use as the most popular activity online. During periods when major news stories are breaking, the act of getting news online usually surpasses the use of search engines.

• There is a substantial payoff as search engines improve and people become more adept at using them. Some 87% of search engine users say they find the information they want most of the time when they use search engines.

• The convenience and effectiveness of the search experience solidifies its appeal. Some 44% say that most times they search they are looking for vital information they absolutely need.

Source :Pew/Internet.Auteur :Graham Mudd

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