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E-Archiving : An Overview of Some Repository Management Software Tools

Marion Prudlo , discusses LOCKSS, EPrints, and DSpace in terms of who uses them, their cost, underlying technology, the required know-how, and functionalities.

mardi 7 juin 2005, par Collecte CND R.L

In recent years initiatives to create software packages for electronic repository management have mushroomed all over the world.

Some institutions engage in these activities in order to preserve content that might otherwise be lost, others in order to provide greater access to material that might otherwise be too obscure to be widely used such as grey literature. The open access movement has also been an important factor in this development.

Digital initiatives such as pre-print, post-print, and document servers are being created to come up with new ways of publishing.

With journal prices, especially in the science, technical and medical (STM) sector, still out of control, more and more authors and universities want to take an active part in the publishing and preservation process themselves.

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