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Competitive Intelligence in Germany.

Rainer Michaeli

mardi 14 mars 2006, par anass

Although competitive analysis has a long tradition in Germany, the North American terminology of competitive intelligence is rather foreign. Despite these semantic differences, Germany has made a fine contribution to the CI literature. CI education and research, however, have not reached its full potential in Germany as of yet. Corporate CI training, while very active in the 1990s, has decreased in recent years. While the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) is the dominant professional association in Germany, membership has fallen to a stable level in recent years. Nonetheless, Germany continues to have the second largest SCIP membership in Europe. Contrasting the high numbers of secondary research providers, there are twelve CI consultancies in Germany today. Several leading indicators suggest that CI in Germany is gaining momentum.

Source :Vtech.Journal of Competitive Intelligence and Management.Volume 2.Number4.2004.Auteur :Rainer Michaeli

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