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Patent Office Announce "Artists’ Resale Right"

mardi 19 avril 2005, par Collecte CND R.L

Artists will soon enjoy a portion of the profits made when their works are traded or resold, the Patent Office recently announced.

This "Artists’ Resale Right" will come into effect in the UK next year once the details of its implementation have been finalised following a consultation which the Patent Office launched.

The new right will benefit producers of paintings, photographs, sculptures and other unique works of art.

Currently in the UK, once an artist has sold their work they will receive no further payment for it, even though it may be resold many times in the future for greater sums of money. In France and many other European countries, artists are paid a percentage of the resale proceeds under a "Droit de Suite" for as long as copyright protects the work : up to seventy years after the death of the artist.

The changes to UK law are the result of a European Directive which was the subject of lengthy negotiations during the 1990s.

For many European countries which already had schemes to remunerate artists when their works were resold, the Directive makes little difference.

For other countries like the UK, where no such right has previously existed, the Directive will have a significant impact on the local art trade. It has been a consistent goal of the government to ensure that any negative effects on the art trade itself are kept to an absolute minimum.

Peter Lawrence, Director of Intellectual Property & Innovation at the Patent Office said : "Britain has an art-trading tradition which is the envy of the world.

We also have world-class artisans who deserve fair reward for their creativity. This new "Artists Resale Right" must balance the needs of artists with the concerns of the art trade, and that is why its implementation must be done transparently and sensitively."

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