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Developing Portal Services and Evaluating How Users Want to Use Them : The CREE Project

Chris Awre, Matthew J Dovey, Jon Hunter, William Kilbride

lundi 3 janvier 2005, par Collecte CND R.L

The JISC-funded PORTAL Project [1] examined and established which services users wished to have made available through an institutional portal.

The results of this project have provided firm guidance to institutional portal developers in planning the services they wished to present.

In particular, there was common demand amongst users for access to library-based services and resources within a portal environment.

Portal technology developments at the time of the PORTAL Project were not, unfortunately, at a stage that allowed full testing of the findings from this research.

Technologies have now matured to allow the investigation of how users wish to see the services they requested presented to them in portal and non-portal environments and in which contexts. The Contextual Resource Evaluation Environment (CREE) Project [2] has been funded by JISC to carry out this investigation, focussing on the library-based services that generated so much interest.

The CREE Project is carrying out a mixture of user requirements evaluations and technical investigations, including user testing against services presented in different contexts through demonstrators.

JISC has previously funded the development of a number of portal services and other tools to support access to library-based resources [3][4] ; CREE is providing a platform to test a range of these with users in different environments.

The technical development strand will make use of standards that have emerged since the PORTAL Project (JSR 168 [5] and WSRP [6]) to enable the delivery of such services through a portal framework.

There has been much discussion on how specific library-based search tools might be used alongside more generic Internet search tools, and CREE will also test this relationship through the inclusion of Google in the demonstrators.

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