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Competitive Intelligence in Spain : a Situational Appraisal.

Joaquín Tena Millán and Alessandro Comai

mardi 14 mars 2006, par anass

This paper describes the evolution of competitive intelligence (CI) in Spain by looking at the specialized literature available on the subject and analyzing how CI has been adopted and developed in Spanish firms. The second part of the paper introduces the key findings of a survey carried out at the beginning of 2004. Multinational firms and identified best practice firms were studied and compared against an identical CI framework. The paper concludes with a description of the potential barriers to full development of CI in Spain and some of the conditions required in order for this development to be achieved.A perspective for the future is also introduced.

Source :Vtech.Journal of Competitive Intelligence and Management.Volume 2.Number 3.2004.Auteurs :Joaquín Tena Millán and Alessandro Comai

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