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The Current State of Competitive Intelligence Activities and Competitive Awareness in Japanese Businesses.

Dr. Yoshio Sugasawa

mardi 14 mars 2006, par anass

Most large corporations in Japan are endeavoring to win out over stringent competition in order to secure dominance of their company’s products in a globalized market. In recent years, Japanese products like digital cameras, personal computers and copy machines have indeed retained their superiority in a global market. However, comparison with the competitive awareness or competitive intelligence activities of European and U.S. companies reveals that most Japanese companies have quite a different awareness structure and are undertaking different activities. This paper explores the current status of competitive intelligence in Japanese businesses and differences in competitive awareness when compared with U.S.

Source :Vtech.Journal of Competitive Intelligence and Management.Volume 2.Number 4.2004.Auteur :Dr. Yoshio Sugasawa

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